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Aristotle Axolotl


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I can do better than that - NO GRAVEL AT ALL. :)

I wonder where the gravel came from....

Oh, there was more mozzie wrigglers in this morning (only one, and it was a new 'batch'). Anyway.. it is gone.. could Aristotle Axolotl have eaten all of them?

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Must have.. I don't know if it was the LFS who had the gravel, or their supplier. I love going to this LFS, so I wasn't paying a single bit of attention to their tank - too busy walking around looking at everything with this stupid grin on my face. :D

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Aristotle Axolotl is eating well, still a little hesitant - but eating ON HIS OWN with no trouble! Each pellet, each worm he eats is a joy to me. :love:

I move him to a large critter-keeper when it is feeding time. It makes cleaning much easier, as when I fed him in his tub he would swim into the plants and the food will be washed into the jungle of plants and be lost forever.. until I get it out later anyway. <_<

Sorry that the pictures are a little distorted, it is the plastic critter-keeper. Couldn't eat in the middle could he? <_<

I 'borrowed' the combining photo idea from Shadoh. Thanks Jarrod. :)

Didn't do it quite as stylish as you do, but it works.


Did I mention he is growing his gills!?!?! :dance:

They are a beautiful chocolate brown. Slowly getting bigger with each meal. :D Can't wait to see what he looks like all grown up.



LOOK!!! ^^ I'm so happy, he is getting a bit fatter too.

I thought this was cute. Shows his size. :giggle:


Here Aristotle Axolotl didn't want to streach and show you all how long he is.. Noooo.. he wanted to see what this funny thing was. He is now much more curious - I take that as a very good sign. ^_^


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Thanks MT, he sure is tinsy! :wub: They are supposed to be as wide as their head, so still a lot more fating up to go.

Haha.. yeah, wasn't too sure about buying him, being such a littly and all, but I couldn't resist. :cheer: The scar is still the same as ever, I think it is actually a scar, not just a cut.

Thanks for the comments. :)

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I'm glad to say Aristotle Axolotl's appetite has improved greatly over the past two days, he is know eating like a normal axie - that is munching down anything that falls in the tank. ;)

I just felt his side, and it doesn't feel hollow or mushy anymore - but strong & firm!

He had fungus for a while, but that has all cleared up now. :) Oh and the 'scar' on his side is all gone.

Although he does have a broken leg, you can see the bone in it (No skin), and from the knee down the leg flops uselessly, dead.

BUTTTT... it is also clearing up, doesn't look red or swollen like it did a week ago, and new skin is starting to grow over his bone, but you can still see it.

I even saw him twitch his toes the other day, so now this leg is receiving faint connections (sounds like a radio *lol* ). Today he is starting to use the bottom half of his leg, but still appears to look like he is rowing a boat with one oar only on one side of the boat.

While this has been happening for his leg, he hasn't been able to swim so he is staying in a 3L critter keeper, the very same one I use to feed him in. I'm just about to clean out a plastic tub and see how he goes in that. I'm sure in no time he will be living once again with Banana. :bighug:

.. oh yeah, sorry for not mentioning about his leg a few weeks ago. :embarrass:

.. OK, more like a month or so ago..

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This photo was taken on the 31st of December, 2010 -


And this photo was taken on Thursday -


Look at how he has grown! :love:

Oh, in the second photo you can kind of see his leg, it is the bottom left one. See how the skin is starting to grow over it? It is really worse side-on though.

And the tub he is in is his feeding container, he doesn't live in there.

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