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Meet Spur

jo oakley

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I thought it was time to show you the replacement for Pig.(well didn't think just handed over the money)

His name is Spur, I bought him on the spur of the moment :D

Spur looked so sad in his small container,

I had to bring him home.




I didn't see him flair in the shop, his flairing now:lol:.

Not a perfect fish but a nice one.

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Thanks Shadoh, He is my pet Betta.

I always have a pet Boy around the place,

Pig lasted well over 2 1/2 years so I am hopeing he will too




I think he will have to meet delyall's lanander BF girl :-)

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Sunnylass, Spur does think he's in fishy heaven,

he escaped from his isolation tank.

He is in with 4 small female guppies in a 30inch tank,

it has 2 small tanks floating in there holding Guppies from someone.

Spur keeps flaring at the male Guppies like mad LOL

Joan, I think your right about him being a rose tail,

that is a big no no in my books??

But I had to save him, He looked so sad.

Sarah, I am glad you like him,

I am hopeing to pick up dalyall's girls next Sunday.

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Thanks fishish I like him :dance:

Wayne How do I go about a Christmas tank???? :confused:

Neffy, I love the way he changes colour alll the time,

I am so glad I brought him home.

Delyall, I want to get my hands on both your girls,

I can't wait to see if he like you girl,

I hope so, she would be a good match.

I thought you might like to see the boy I had in mind for the Lavander BF :D

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Hey Jo... a christmas tank is what you make of it.... depends what a Betta Christmas looks to your imagination.....

I'm thinking of my Bettas sitting round the pool and bbq'ing some worms and brine shrimp.... maybe with a few eskies of IAL extract between them :)

Seriously.... lights, decorations, ornaments, gravel, plants, tank backgrounds, or anything else the imagination can conjure up could make a "Betta Christmas" tank....

Spur really wants to be part of the competition he told me (did you know he has a twitter account?) :P

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Hey Jo,

I think the rose tails are among the nicest to look at, even when they are not flaring they tend to look spectacular (provided they are not so extreme that there ventrals are tiny and the balance in the tail must be close to the rest of the fins). I have two rose tail type fish and find they are the ones visitors always love the most, especially as they swish around the tank like primadonnas with their long full skirts.

Maybe they are not good for breeding into some lines but I think that they are a beautiful addition to the betta world and with selective and knowledgeable breeding why cant they be an acceptable version?


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