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Long time watcher, first time poster....


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Hi Fish Fans,

This is Cam from Melbourne. Been keeping fish since I've been young, and as such led me to a career within the aquaculture industry. I enjoy all aspects of fish keeping and keen on learning anything I can to do with fish. This interest has led me to the ornamental industry where I work in a large Melbourne import/retail facility, with a focus on quarantine. Due to me 40hr a week involvement in fish, I only keep 1 tank at home, which is always changing, currently keeping some asian fish, S. vaillanti and S. resplendens.

Keen to talk to other enthusiasts about all aspects of fish keeping, and also very keen to talk about the current issues with the Australian ornamental industry, and hopefully help clear up any questions about the new quarantine laws and keep people up to date with all the latest...

Talk to you all soon.


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Haha you're very keen saying you will answer questions!

Mine would be, should I start stocking up now!!?

Anyway Cam, welcome to the forum :) Everyone is really nice and as you can probably see there is information on almost everything on here!

I'll see you around.

Ps I like your username :P


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Welcome Cam....

Can understand keeping only 1 tank if you're involved in so many tanks / fish at work all the time....

Your input and info on the current fiasco as it develops will be of interest to quite a few on the forum who have and/or will want to import some fish ....

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