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Pair of wild Bettas finally arrived


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After two days of chasing a pair of wild Bettas (blue Betta malachai) around South Melbourne (a quite small area) - Australia Post wasnt sure which postal centre the parcel had gone to - I finally caught up with my parcel less than an hour ago.

Surprise surprise - the fish were quite happy and active. Many thanks has to go to someone for her expert packaging of the fish. I had expected to find them dead. THANK YOU someone. And to Australia Post - .....:censor:

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Hi Bill,

I assume you bought these fish off AquaBid?

someone sourced from her contacts 2 pair....I got one pair and the other went to Sydney

"True" mahachai are very hard to find.....

Here's my male....


Spec for mahachai....

Red eyes

Spade shape tail

Blue front edge to ventral fins

9 rays in dorsal(others have 7)

obviously Happy in hard alkaline water +salt!

Ok....your turn....show us some photo's!!! :drool:

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Hi Rod

Thanks for the advice. Yes purchased them off Aquabid and they are a very nice pair...will have to positively determine exactly what they are...will report back.

What else could they be??

So they prefer hard alkaline water??...please provide some further details if you will

Taking photos of fish is not my speciality but I will try

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