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hi im new =)


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Hi guys im new to this forum, but have been on a few other fish forums since i started fish keeping 4 years ago. Im looking for a friendly Australian forum where people can ask questions and not get shutdown in a nasty manner.(which is what i found senior members doing to new members on other forums).

Anyway i have 3 tanks. A 70L grow out for some baby angles and BNs. A 250L community tank with gouramies, BNs, Red tail shark, clown loaches, and a 200L which is empty at the moment because im thinking about setting up a cichlid tank :blink:

Here's a couple of pics of my 250L community tank.




i look forward to getting to know you and your tribe of fish =)

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Hi :welcome:

Wow Your tank looks great! You certainly do have a few different types of fish.

(I Only have 2 - and want MOOOORE!)

I Don't think you'll have any issues with this forum. People are great!

The only thing you need to know is they love photos. Photos of fish, photos of fish... and considering you have already put some photos up i think you'll fit right in!

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Welcome laura77 :)

Your tanks sound great! Thanks for posting the pics! You can post some more pics in a forum called "the fishy showroom" if you like.

Everyone is friendly on here, feel free to ask questions or give advice :)

Enjoy :)

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Evil senior member says:

Grumble, grumble, bah humbug, welcome, grumble grumble!

PS, I've only kept bettas for about 1.5yrs, but thanks to all the helpful people on here, I'm now an expert senior member - lol! Welcome aboard, you'll find people here more than willing to help. Feel free to ask or even give advice whenever you want.

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hi thanks for the awesome welcome :bighug:

I'l probably be looking for some advice when i decide to set up my cichlid tank. I've not kept them before but my water sits around 8 pH so i think (???) i should be ok =)

Im looking at choosing some tetras now that i've finally found a way to stop small fish getting into my sump in my community tank <_< . I also cant wait until my angels are ready to come out of the grow out and move into the community tank.

il take some picks of my grow out (its not really all that interesting) and put it in the pic topic

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haha you guys are great!

moved two angels into my community today they seem happy enough...really need a focus fish or 5 (come on mr tax man send me some $$)thinking silver dollars or some more gouramis hmmm not sure definitely need a few more clown loaches though, they have to be my faves

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