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My name is Simon and I live in far far north queensland. I am currently kepping the normal plecos, gibbicep, gold spot and gold plecos. These are my favourite fish and hopefully they will start to breed for me one day. However, it doesn't bother me whether they do or not. I also have a bush fish and some australian natives too. The plecos are housed in a 3 x 2 x 2 and i am currently looking for a bigger tank for them. I also keep reptiles and I have a Jungle carpet python, bearded dragons and a water dragon. I developed a keen interest for animals as I ran a pet shop in Sydney for close to five years and really enjoyed working in the industry. I am also currently undertaking a Bappsc majoring in Wildlife Science. I am currently looking for crystal red and crystal black shrimp and any other kinds of shrimp that may be available. I have recently started up a 2ft x 20 inch tall planted aquarium for the shrimp and it is all ready to go. Unfortunately where I live mailing or shipping items takes sometime ranging from 2 - 4 weeks sometimes if it is just sent on regular post. This can be avoided by using companies such as AAE although the costs are quite high especially when dealing with live fish. If anyone might know of someone living in Cairns that could help me out or could be of any assistance that would be great.

Speak to you all soon,



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