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Setting up a serority tank (also posted in the community tank)


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Hello All! :)

Last week i went and purchased a 40L Aqua One tank for my female bettas which is 4 at the moment but hopefully at the end of the month this will be expanding to 7! i will also hopefully be keeping a 2 guppies & maybe 3 rummy nose tetras in there. So bringing my total to 12 fish. The filtration is a 3 step filtration i think it has a coarse large sponge and then like cotton filter and then ceramic noodles. Prior to this tank i have only has my 28L Aqua One tank with biological filtration + my semi-recently spawn tank purchase which has a sponge filter only.

30610.jpg 3/06/10

30610b.jpg 3/06/10b

90610.jpg 9/06/10

90610b.jpg 9/06/10b

I purchased the tank last Thursday 3/06/10

I got it home set it up(conditioned the water, rinsed the pebbles, etc) and left the plants i bought for it just floating in the tank, i also added around 10 malaysian trumpet snails. I have been turning the light on everyday for at least 8 hours since i got it.

Today i tested the tanks ammonia and ph and my results are below:

Ammonia between 0mg/L - 0.5mg/L

Ph between 7.2 - 7.6

(I then planted most of my plants around the tank - some still floating as you can see in the pic - i plan to use some of these i other tanks)

Now my questions are:

What do you think of the type of fish i plan to keep in with my females? & tips to change this to how it should be

Do you think my mix of fish will work well as a community tank? & tips to change this to how it should be

Do you think the amount of fish i plan to have in that tank is too many? & tips to change this to how it should be

Is my ammonia too high? & tips to change this to how it should be

Is my ph too high/low for the type of fish i plan to have? & tips to change this to how it should be

I would appreciate any advice, i really want to do this right and don't want to lose any fish in the process!


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Only thing is the guppies and tetras can destroy a bettas fins they will nip and tear them, tho some people keep them together sucessfully when i put some guppies in with my betta the nipping was pretty bad.

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also posted in the community tank

Please don't cross-post, it is against the Board Rules:


Cross-posting is prohibited

Please do NOT start the same topic in more than one forum. This causes confusion and as well as irritating members, it reduces the value of AAQ as a resource and will most likely reduce the chance of any meaningful reply.

We will delete duplicate topics.

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as long as your ph is stable and doesnt fluctuate or you dont try to artificially change it, aclimitising the fish slowly should be all you need to do (i dont even know what my waters ph is) i think 7 is pretty standard

as for your ammonia you need some to start cycling your tank, you also need something to place ammonia in the water so your tank can start to build up the bacteria it needs, the snails you have might be enough but id be more tempted to suggest adding at least one fish and just watching the levels.

anyways take that with a grain of salt and google is your friend :)

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