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Found 1 result

  1. I got my first betta Easter Monday and he was just beautiful..... But it t has been a constant battle. I had him in a tiny betta tank but when searching the web felt guilty he was in such a small space. Although he seemed happy and was eating 5 pellets once a day I went through out and got a 20L tank with filter in the Thursday. He looked just as happy but stopped eating. On Sunday last week i noticed he was starting to hang around the bottom of the tank more and had a rip in his tail. So went to pet shop and they sold me a heater to heat tank to 24 degrees, some little fish to add to the tank. Seeing as I had no idea about "tank cycling" he did a water test for me and said it was fine but not to do a water change for a week. It is now Tuesday and he is no happier and has continued to hide and his tail looks stiff discoloured and burnt? I treated him to lavie but he is not interested and still not eating ? please can anyone help me I think he is going to die and I am doing all I can (well been advices by pet shop)
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