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  1. Roquen

    parasite or white spot?

    Thanks guys, have put some whitespot remedy (that i had here) in will see how that goes! Calla - I didn't end up going, hopefully n ext month tho. Have jump club this weekend so trying hard to get the boys ready for that..!
  2. Roquen

    parasite or white spot?

    Hi everyone my new crowntail has what looks like tiny little worms or similar on him. I thought they were tiny bubbles at first, but noticed they are tiny short stringie white things! Is this white spot or some sort of parasite? Which medication should I be using? He is very healthy, flaring and eating, so whatever it is doesn't seem to be bothering him just yet...!
  3. Thinking about one for a tank I am setting up as there are some online for $5 :-)Good idea or go with a sponge? 200L per hour
  4. Roquen

    Air Pump Question

    Okies, so if i set it up and as long as there are bubbles coming out the top of the spone filter (ie age of aquariums type) I should assume its workin enough?
  5. Roquen

    Air Pump Question

    Hi All, I have this cute little air pump here doing nothing, so am going to set up a sponge filter in my betta tank (which is minus a betta at the moment!). Just wondering if anyone knows whether it will be gutsy enough to run a sponge filter with, or whether I am better off getting rid of it and getting something more powerful? They only cost $5 to buy on the net so I can't imagine its very strong... (not sure how much is enough!)?
  6. Roquen

    Corydoras Is Um..

    Hey everyone, ok, I don't know if my betta ate it, or he just left it somewhere, but my albino cory is minus one eye, and just has the .. cavity there.. its like something out of a horror film! what happened to my lil man!
  7. Roquen

    Sponge Filter Question

    Hey everyone Stupid question, but just wondering if you had a sponge filter going ie one of these http://www.theaquariumshop.com.au/images/t...Mini_Filter.jpg and you turned it off for a few hours a day (ie when in the lounge room trying to watch a movie!) would it be a problem? or do they need to be on 24/7 ? I want to put one in my betta tank in the lounge room to ease how many water changes I'm doing, but the noise is the problem! I could leave it on all day from 6am till about 7pm... then would want to turn it off for a bit.. if it isn't possible, i just wont get one, or consider moving the tank :-0 cheers ness
  8. Roquen

    New Tank 2 Foot

    I've never had barbs before - will look them up :-) Anyone around our area breed guppies that you know of Calla?
  9. Roquen

    New Tank 2 Foot

    :-) guppies are up the top of my list - how many in this size tank?
  10. Roquen

    New Tank 2 Foot

    Big thanks to Calla who gave me my old tank back, this is it so far. Just wondering what anyone suggest in terms of more decoration/ornaments/plants etc.. and stocking suggestions. I was given some free albino convicts (in pic) however I don't really want them long term.. will give away to someone who wants them -they will grow too big for this tank anyway! They are too aggressive to put anything else in there with them. I want something with a fair bit of colour in there.. This tank is in my office -which doubles as my room away from the world to do meditation and relax.. so I want something very colourful and pretty! Any ideas (or fish available for sale) let me know! PS if anyone wants the convicts let me know also!
  11. Roquen

    Male Krib + Guppies

    Not sure if anyone else here has Kribs - but just wondering if I should be ok to put some guppies in my community tank with him + the platies already in there?
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm going to try some khulis I think, as I can't find otos anywhere..
  13. Roquen

    The New 4' Setup

    I love it! heheh I've been asking if I can have a 4 foot for ages, but scott won't have any of it lol
  14. Roquen

    Kuhli Full Of Eggs!

    awesome! cant wait to see a pic ab! Can you put a net or something in there and save any of them, and grow me a baby or 5 heheh
  15. Roquen

    Not Happy

    Thanks for the replies, will go somewhere else and see how I go (and yep, will check their policies first!)