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  1. Hi, I'm new to fish keeping. I have a 127L tank on a stand that's pretty high up. I use a step to reach inside the tank. I've been researching lots about fish care and everyone seems to say that you should add the water conditioner before putting the clean water in the tank during a water change. That makes sense. The issue is, I'm not sure how to do that when I'm filling such a big tank. See I can only lift a small buck into the tank at a time as otherwise it will be too heavy. And the amount of buckets I would need to fill the tank makes working out how much conditioner to add to each
  2. I'm just starting my first fish tank so will probably be needing lots of advice as I go along. So far I just have 4 rummy-nosed tetras. I plan to get more later on but I didn't want to be too ambitious to begin with just in case I've done something wrong. I'm so excited to get lost in the world of fish admirers.
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