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  1. My female red lace snakeskin just gave birth to the third litter without loving with a male lol.
  2. Hi guys, im new to this. Thought i try feeding new guppy fry live brine shrimp and protein tablets everyday. Will that make them grow better and have better colors? Currently have red lace snakeskin, albino full red, grass guppy fry.
  3. I feed mine brine shrimp and waffers everyday.
  4. Rare two Months old guppies. Very limited quantity (5 left),retailed $15 each. Im selling $8 each Very hardy healthy fish, raised on brine shrimp and high protein waffers $25 postage if needed Or meet for free anywhere within 5km of Doncaster
  5. Anyone interested? I have a few two months old ones. Located in doncaster vic phone:0413498578
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