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  1. I did have to google what they look like, they seem to be one of the earlier guppy breeds? Really nice
  2. My guppys don't really follow a plan, but it is interesting to watch what influences pop up and get lost again. At the moment there are like two main stems whose appearances don't really mix 🤗
  3. Hi everybody, as to my aquatic career, i got my first tank for the 8th birthday and ever since kept on having fish. Mostly Guppys I guess. But also some bigger species like diskus and angelfish, yet somehow I get drawn back to the smaller ones. My first bettas were three females, who got along wonderfully, which, now some years later, I found out that isn't always given. After a Betta (but not aquarium) pause I re-scaped my 800 l aquarium, and felt need for new bettas. That's how I came to the sorority of marbles that I have now. Well, and after a while the colors fascinated me enough to
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