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  1. Hello everyone.. This is my boy that I've had for about two years. I've never had any issues with him and I keep up with his tank's water quality. Unfortunately with covid and my line of work I was working for about 2 weeks straight. I did my weekly water change when I was able to but but I was not able to thoroughly check up on him as often as I like to. He is in a 15g with about 5 otocinclus catfish. I don't remember the exact parameters when I did the water change but I believe there was a slight increase in the ammonia (possibly from my husband adding 2 of the otos earlier that week). I realized he was insanely lethargic when I fed him one day and upon further inspection I saw his fins were in bad shape. Before anything I interrogated my husband because he was in charge of the feeding that particular week lol but I immediately took a better look at the otos and they seemed fine so I moves the betta to my hospital tank and I'm at the tail end of a Furan treatment. Now, he never lost his appetite but he would lay at the bottom and I'd see his eyes fix on me when I went to check on him (broke my heart) and he wouldn't move. Luckily he seems a lot more active throughout the day and doesn't just lay at the bottom anymore. My concern is that although I have dealt with fin rot once in the past, this seems different.. the fins seem almost pinched. And I don't mean clamped.. I mean literally pinched at the tips. They're perky compared to his first day in the h.t but I'm concerned its something else. I'd also like advice on whether I should take any other steps with the 15g and otos before he is reintroduced after healing. I'll include some photos.. the one with flash was when I first moved him over, the darker one is of his fins now.. Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi, my name is Angie. Ive been keeping fish for years but these last (about) 2 years I've been taking the hobby more seriously. I joined the forum for questions I might have that google can't help with. I prefer asking for advice from people with experience.
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