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  1. Hi everyone , Just curious about something as I think my guppies may have worms because in the morning they all look like they have sunken belly's . I have been feeding them twice a day on a mix of flakes , frozen shrimp and bloodworms and still can't put weight on .. Any advice would be appreciated thanks .
  2. Hi everyone , At the moment I'm keeping just one line of guppies I purchased from the pet shop . Also keeping one line of Betta fish which is a red super delta female , she might be a halfmoon but I'll just say she is a super delta . The male I have I'm not sure what exactly he is because he is still growing , sometimes he looks like he might be a crowntail then sometimes he looks like a poor quality Delta tail .. he has been building a massive babble nest and wants to spawn with the female , which I think I'll end up doing and let them spawn .. if he turns out to be a crowntail the
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