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  1. Hi everyone. I’m a beginner fish keeper, and have been learning by going through Facebook aquarium groups, and eventually stumbled across this forum. Unfortunately I was one of those people who thought/was told that bettas only need small tanks. Thankfully I knew that they had to have heaters and filters. Currently my betta (Master Barty) is in a 7 litre planted tank, however he’s about to get a upgrade!!! His 7L is going to house some shrimp, but I don’t know where to put him. I have a 21L tank that has 7 neon tetras, 6 guppies, 3 panda corries, a single loach and I’m guess
  2. Hi! The Facebook group for this forum came up while I was looking for some information about fishkeeping in groups on Facebook. I have 3 tanks (largest one is cycling atm), and am looking for advice on what livestock to put in which tank, and how to move them safely from one tank to another. I also need help with some lighting for a nano tank! Hope I can be approved, so I can start learning and ask questions in the appropriate board. Thanks! May good health find you and your fish!
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