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  1. Hi, I have an Albino Cory that I noticed this morning has a lump under it and is swimming around erratically and kinda madly. The tank has 3 Cardinal Tetras as well. I took the video just prior to posting. I have added some Melafix in appropriate quantities too. I’m mostly wondering if my housemate and I have been feeding it too much. It’s likely getting one algae wafer a day..... I have read things on other international fish forums about shelled peas..... Any advice would be much appreciated! Levels yesterday: pH: 7-7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrit
  2. 👋 My house mate was given a small aquarium and a few fish and I’ve been helping look after them over the past few months. I have grown quite attached so have bought a bigger tank, and am nearly ready to add fish to it. Have been following advice from an awesome staff member at my local Pet Barn and using ‘Setting up a tropical aquarium: week by week’ by Stuart Thraves from my local library, trying to get my head around the nitrogen cycle! We had two Corys, one I had to euthanise due to it losing all its fins and having air bladder issues and not improving after three weeks of t
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