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  1. Dan

    Betta Mama

    Thank you. I've been told that he may live for some time with it but it's growing pretty quickly, so I'm not sure how much time I have left with Jerome. I've stopped treating him for velvet and I'm just going to let him live for the moment 😔💕
  2. Does my guy look like he has velvet? 🤔
  3. Dan

    Betta Mama

    VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4 Hello! I live in Brisbane with my Betta, Jerome, cat Opal and dog Bounder. I also have a husband who is reasonably more self-sufficient 😂 unless he needs to find something... I'm here because Jerome looked like he had a tumour and he was a little rusty under his chin? 🤔 I'm on my 2nd dose of Multi Cure and whilst his tank is nice and green his tumour hasn't popped? Like I was hoping and he's still a bit rusty. I'm not even sure that rust wasn't there when I got him. I'm not an expert, I've Googled a lot. He lives in a 20L tank with a mussel called Mike and some amazon swords, java ferns and anubias. Currently he's living in darkness with his tank at a refreshing 32 degrees celcius. He has a powkoo filter which is giving some aeration. He's lively and eating fine. So I'm here to copy and paste this onto the correct thread when I'm approved (if I'm approved) 😂 Thanks, Dan(ielle) Jerome below ❤️ VID_277600428_042911_307.mp4
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