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    Lilydale, VIC
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    In no order: aquascaping, planted tanks, aquaponics, guppies and the breeding thereof, neocaridina davidi, no filter set ups, low tech tanks, DIY LED lighting, goldfish being adorable jerks, making my own food from scratch

About Me

Hi ya, I'm in the outer east of Melbourne and kinda fell into guppy breeding by picking up 6 'feeders' from the LFS to keep mozzies from breeding in my dirted planted tank and finding out 4 days later that 3 of them had given birth... Half a billion guppies later and here we are. Currently keeping busy by making my own fish food, learning everything I can about water chemistry and setting up a flooded forest 'scape full of moss. Oh, and I'm firmly in camp 'duckweed is great'.

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