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    In no order: aquascaping, planted tanks, aquaponics, guppies and the breeding thereof, neocaridina davidi, no filter set ups, low tech tanks, DIY LED lighting, goldfish being adorable jerks, making my own food from scratch
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    Hi all, I'm in the outer eastern 'burbs of Melbourne, had fish as a kid, then recent-ish-ly I decided a few goldfish in a pond would be nice. I got a few 3cm uncoloured feeders, then my ex gave me his 65L curved front aquarium that his fish had outgrown and, sucker that I am, I bought the goldfish inside that winter so they wouldn't get too cold... They learnt to beg for food, a year later they're now brightly coloured ~7 inch long piggies (yes, the tank is overstocked, I'm upgrading the pond to something significantly bigger and booting them back outside). I've got a 2 foot dirted planted tan
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