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  1. Great looking tank! Sadly, only the first video works. It seems a lot of pics are now defunct in threads. Corys are such a pleasure to have in any tank!
  2. Hi all, My name's Sass and I'm from Adelaide (Inner North East). My son and I started with one simple Neon Tetra and shrimp tank afew years ago and were both instantly hooked. We've kept a wide range of fish over the last few years, from Bettas to Rainbow fish, Pakistani loaches to breeding Emerald Corydoras. We currently have 2x cichlid tanks (one is more aggressive), plus a grow-out tank for our Saratoga Leichardti, plus Platys & fry, and Tetras. Our 4ft cichlid community tank includes: Ellioti, Bolivian Butterflies, Gouramis, Albino Bristlenoses, Corydoras and an L333 P
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