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  1. Yes I got my rainbow fish from livefish , unfortunately because of the drought been busy hand feeding, so not had the time to do to much with the tank. But rainbows are really hard to find in nsw.
  2. G’day to all. Apologies for the long absence. Unfortunately after Xmas had a few things go on. Yes tank is up and running. No never went for cichlids, a few reason but the biggest being, I live in country NSW and we just don’t have good suppliers for a big verity of fish. But i did put some new rainbows in and a few albino suckers, also clown Loaches. Also a few kuhli loaches, not that you see to much of them. Plants I still have to add. I will say not a fan of the hang on filter, so going back to canister one.
  3. Hi bettarazzi, sorry should have put the size in. It’s 3ft tank 130L tank. I’ve got everything from silver dollars to betta. So not sure what setup should go for this tank. I was thinking of doing just a species tank, maybe Cichlids.
  4. Hi to everyone on this site. My name is griff. Always had tanks and Have a few tanks up and running.Low and behold got a new tank for Xmas. I’ve got it up and cycling, just not sure what to put in it. So any suggestions I’ll definitely consider. Kind regards griff.
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