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  1. Joejoe85

    Any earth eater breeders ?

    Hello from Australia! Now correct me if I’m wrong as I’m only new to this forum.. but is this a beta only forum or all fish? I am unsure. These are some recents pics of my tank as I was doing a water change... these are from my phone so quality not the best and doesn’t do them any favours, and they are so quick! Haha
  2. Joejoe85

    Any earth eater breeders ?

    I currently have a 6x2x2 community tank housing predominately geo red head tapajos, some Bolivians, an acara, discus and clown loach, and would love to get more geos..
  3. Joejoe85

    Any earth eater breeders ?

    Hey all, I’ve only just signed up and wondering if anyone on here breeds the beautiful South American cichlids known as earth eaters?