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    Hi everybody!

    My name is Sabrina and i own Bettas along with many other breeds too. I am already a member of another forum but i believe its an American one and Id like to be part of an Aussie one so i can mingle with Australian breeders and hobbyists too! My love of fish started around 8 months ago. I brought a male and female guppy and put them in a vase type tank with some large stones and a live plant, only to learn they needed a filter soon after that. In the weeks that followed and to my shock my guppies had babies! I was in love, these tiny little things were the cutest ever. From then on i have brought tank after tank and many fish. Although i love all my fish, my bettas hold a special place in my heart because they have such personalities, they are very dear to me. This last 8 months have been a huge learning curve in keeping fish, i have gone from bowls and vases to tanks, from cold water to tropical, from changing the water when the gravel looked dirty and adding a bit of water ager to the master test kit and prime! I have made mistakes and had emergencies, all of which i have learned from. To think i started out with those 2 guppies 8 months ago and to now where my living room is a full blow aquarium boasting 8 tanks! I never knew keeping fish was such hard work, its a full time job. But the rewards are endless! I cant wait to join the forums and chat to you all
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