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  1. Ssb

    Pairs for F2

    Love the Black Dragons. I have a pair that I'm just waiting on the female to grow a bit so I can spawn them.
  2. One of my all time fav species to keep was B.Edithae . Beautiful stunning little fish, that spawned time after time and raised a little colony.
  3. Ssb

    Back in the Hobby

    Thanks Bettarazzi, I'll see if I can get down for that. I'm keen, just need to make it happen. I'm starting to put some nice sibling pairs together. I have a pair of Black Dragon HMPK, and a pair of Mustard Gas HMPK, as well as some miscellaneous HMPK females. Setting up room again, and setting up spawning tanks etc. at the moment. Things have come along way since I've been out of fish, so it's been a big refresher course.
  4. Hi all, just getting back into keeping fish. We used to keep Bettas, wild Bettas, small and large gouramis, paradise fish, dwarf to medium American cichlids, angles, discus and a variety of natives endemic to our region. Wont be anywhere near what we used to keep and breed this time Just bettas, starting with HMPK's. Would love some advice on showing, and breeding to standards etc. I have and breed show poultry to standard, so I understand the level of training your eye to a good specimen. Looking forward to discussing all things Bettas.
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