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  1. So here's what I've done with my tanks. In my two 16L tanks I've got two males setup in their environments, one mostly with lava rock, gold vine and a few red plants, in the second I've got two pieces of driftwood with anubias nana and java moss which I find very beautiful. In my 30L tank I'm got java fern, anubias nana and amazon sword and I'm going to be using for my females, though I've been looking into getting a 60L tank but will see how I go with saving money. All tanks also include duckweed, my personal favorite. I also have a three bay trio tank with small anubias nana again but it's o
  2. ​Thanks dear. I went to the market this morning and I brought two 15'' glass tanks 17L each $30 together. I'm very happy with them
  3. I'm wanting to upgrade my betta's into a nice organised setup but I'm having a little trouble figuring out what to get and maybe considering adding in a few tetras or something. I don't have a whole lot of money but I'm fine with saving up for the perfect tanks. I'll be having them in my room so I would like something with a quiet air pump/filter. I've looked into the Fluval Spec 3 but I've heard the airflow is too strong for a betta. Then I discovered Animates Betta Design Aquarium from petbarn but read the filter design is not all that great and the whole tank is cheaply made. This is just s
  4. A few months ago I brought a halfmoon betta and since then I've brought a pair and wish to give breeding a go. I'm very excited and nervous! I have a 30L and a three bay tank (Which I'm hoping to upgrade soon for a bigger size) and will be setting a breeding setup over the next few weeks. Very happy I found this forum and I'm looking forward to seeing my first spawn
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