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  1. Hi guys! Here again and today I want to show you the evolution of my 55 gallon Aquarium. I hope you like and tell me what video you like more. Soon I will continue showing the evolution of other aquariums. Regards. http://youtu.be/GxVhvQAgypc http://youtu.be/Z45v3PCWFfM
  2. Greetings! Here I show you a compilation of breeding Ramirezi. Since hatched until this day that survivors have six months since birth. I hope you like it!
  3. Hi Bettarazzi. Thank you. I'm not involve in any club of aquarium yet but maybe soon I will consider. You now the Betta Club of Puerto Rico? Regards
  4. Hello! Is my first time here! My name is Rey and I am from Puerto Rico.. I hope you like my tank and learn from the friends of the fish here. See you guys ! Have a nice day!
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