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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. This fish isn't mine but he been offered to me as a discount & part of a breeding pair I've been given photos but the female gives me a weird feeling but I think the photo was taken when she was just moved or disrupted.... The poor boy has chewed himself a lot. They are a lovely yellow pair Should I not bother with buying them or should I get them if I want to explore breeding? (I really want to learn about breeding I'm very excited & nervous) they both came from Thailand originally through someone I've been told
  2. Wow I truly love that description! That's beautiful and so wonderful to hear of how long you've been enjoying bettas. I have a few questions, I posted one in the clinic section but no one has replied yet. If I had any betta questions is it ok to message you? Feel free to say no but I thought to ask I'm in Victoria too thanks for your reply & for being so welcoming
  3. Hi I'm new here & to bettas but I've seen a betta (HM)that has chewed most of his tail. That's what I've been told & I've been told it's not fin rot. So I've questions. Why has he chewed his tail? (Stress or boredom) Will be be able to breed still? (He's part of a breeding pair & I'm wondering if I get both of them/rescue them) And what can be done to help him heal & stop him from chewing? I hope I hear from you guys soon
  4. Thank you very much how long have you loved bettas for? And what state are you in?
  5. Hi everyone I'm very new to bettas and tbh this is my first time on a forum too ? I'm very passionate about bettas, I seem to be obsessed. I've so many questions about abbreviations on here & breeding. Hoping I get to talk about bettas with you all & looking forward to learning more ☺️
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