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  1. Hi all, pretty much all of my local LFS are handing out flyers. Just in case you were not aware the quarantine laws for aquarium fish will be tightened in March resulting in prices skyrocketing for imported fish. http://piaa.net.au/n...up-to-four-tim/ Please spread the word!
  2. If you are going to do it, I say over do it. I am new at this never kept fish before, So i looked at a lot of stuff re filtration on youtube, Moving bed filters, Powerheads with shampoo bottles, Under gravel filters, The powerhead with shampoo bottle while a cool idea looks ugly full stop. same as internal moving bed filters, both take up tank space that could be used for plants or swim room for the fish. those under gravel filters.... Well I just figured they suck, I dont want stuff building up in the gravel even thou I vac it. hang on backs are ok however I would need to cut the glass top on my tank. Also as I was using a 20 lt tank originally the canister gave me extra water volume. So canister it was, and it was about the same as an internal powerhead unit. Since I watched all those videos on youtube I had a fair idea about media so 1 tray is full of BioHome media and the other with those ceramic noodles. This is the filter I have. I got it on ebay. Aqua Aquarium Filter External Canister Fish Tank Water Sponge Pond 800LPH This is the 1 I was looking at. Hailea Internal Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Sponge Aqua Power head RP-600 WARRANTY See why I went with the big canister? The media. Biohome Mini Ultra Bio Filter Media 1 kg - for Fresh Water or Marine Aquarium I have this 1 as it came with the filter. 1.8kg Ceramic Noodles Rings Aquaponics Aquarium Canister Filter Media Tank cnr I also built a power head vacuum, It's a great idea and works well you can give the gravel a good clean without worry about water levels in the tank, after I vac the gravel I change some water about 25% with aged water I put it in a bucket overnight with a powerhead running and some Prime water conditioner, Oh yes I also stick a heater in the bucket so when I add the new water it is the same temp as the water in the tank. The catfish sound cool, I will have to add extra food for them as there is no wasted food in my tank, He gets a combination of pelets and frozen and fresh bugs , however his daily portion size of food is equal to about 6 or 7 pelets. I feed things to him 1 at a time LOL, Even his brine shrimp. The pelets I feed him. Aqua Delight 200g Betta Siamese Fighting Fish Food Pellet
  3. Hi Bettarazzi I guess that I will give Aquagreen a try then, thank you for the suggestion, once I get them I will let you know how it works out, they could end up fish food LOL.
  4. Added petrified wood, got rid of resin ornament, other than the heater thermometer the water pick up and return no plastic or fake items allowed. Next I am getting some glass type shrimp, any suggestions. Prefer native.
  5. Please do not be too harsh, This is my first attempt at fish keeping. His name is microsoft and he has owned me for 3 months now. I did a bit of research about bettas on youtube, Lots of iffy advice and some great ideas also. This was his old home. Its a work in progress. And this is his new home, Same filter as above. I add IAL ( Indian Almond Leaf to the tank )
  6. Hello almost neighbour welcome.
  7. I use a Syringe to feed my boy, take 1 plastic spoon, put some brine shrimp in spoon, Take Syringe to tank and draw up some water ( do not use straight tap water ) squirt some water into the spoon over the frozen shrimp, bloodworm or daphnia, then suck it all up into the Syringe, walk over to the tank and squirt it all in, my guy goes mental over the food I should have called him torpedo thats how fast he attacks the food. I also presoak his pelets a bit and use the Syringe, Sometimes I put a few pelets on my finger and he will take them that way. He also gets dead ants and fruit fly if I catch any.
  8. Thankyou for the welcome. This was the old setup I just got the 2 foot tank Yes thats a Aqua Aquarium Filter External Canister Fish Tank Water Sponge Pond 800LPH I did restrict the flow to a timed 60 lt per hour.
  9. Hi my name is Nick I am from the Balina area 50 years young and am the proud owner of 1 betta who I call Microsoft, Glad I found an aussie fish forum.
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