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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Clinton. I am more of a car nut than a fish nut, but love my bettas. i haven't had many, and am nowhere near an expert. Not looking to breed or anything. Just love the look and personality of the little dudes. I got my first one 2 1/2 years ago, Gill. He was just a low cost "test" for the wife cause she didn't think I could keep a fish alive. If he died within 6 months I couldn't get another one. So he was just in one of those plastic cubes. He made it past the 6 month mark...he went for 2 years. Awesome little guy. After he went, I got a new buddy...Blub. I went with the theory that if Gill lived for 2 years in the cube, that they can't be that bad. I was wrong. Blub only made it to the 4 month mark. Apparently he was different than Gill. The water kept going yellow very quickly, so I was constantly having to change it. Not sure exactly what got him, whatever was yellowing the water, or the stress of the weekly water changes. I held off buying a new fish for a few weeks cause I decided to buy a new tank and start from scratch. So I got rid of the 2L plastic cube. I purchased a 9L glass tank, with filter, heater, fake plant and LED light. Ran the filter and heater for 3 days while using conditioner and bio starter everyday, then decided it was right to pop in a new friend. Welcome to the family Si Quey. (named after the Thai serial killer) While buying him at the pet store I saw the leaf hammocks and decided to see if he would like it...apparently he does. I am very noob when it comes to fish care, but I am learning and hopefully Si Quey lives a nice long life.
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