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  1. That's good to know. I bought a 50 watt Hydro Theo submersible heater today. It has a dial at the top with degrees written on it so I should be able to just set a temperature. I wasn't sure if the aquarium heater could keep it stable with cold nights and small tank, so it's encouraging to hear your tanks don't have any problems.
  2. sorry, I meant that the room's heater is on and off, not the heater in the aquarium. I was reading that fluctuations in the ambient room temperature could affect the aquarium's temperature, especially if it's a small aquarium, and that aquarium heaters might struggle to maintain an even temperature. If I need to keep it around 28 degrees inside the tank, in a small 20 litre tank, how well would an aquarium heater work at keeping the temperature stable, in a room that drops to 10 degrees many nights of the year? It's just I was reading in a book on bettas, and it said there shouldn't be more th
  3. Hi! My name's Paul. I don't have an aquarium yet, but have been reading up, watching youtube tutorials, reading forums, etc. I want to set up a male Betta in my first tank, but before I do anything, I was hoping to ask some questions of fellow Melbourne aquarists, particularly info on things like managing temperature (some parts of the year, my place can be 10 - 12 degrees in the morning, and I put my heater on and bring it up to 18 for the day, then overnight it's back down to 10 - 12 degrees again), and to read about other people's set ups, etc.
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