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  1. :( now thats cool,great pics phil. :(
  2. When posting an update and l wish to change the Topic Distribution how do l do this. :thumbs:
  3. Hi Kinezo, we Southerners are expanding! Steve.
  4. My heart goes out to you Klara, l lost my Grandfather (Pa) to a series of strokes, we were very close and l spent everyday with him for weeks until l told him it was time to go and that night he passed away quietly in his sleep. I can tell you this, everyknow and then he lets me know he is around in ways that only l would recognize, l had never really believed in that before but it has happened and l am sure your Grandfather will look over you in the same way.RIP. Steve.
  5. Stunning Edie, perfect caudal spread, excellant dorsal and pecs a body builder would be happy with plus very nice masking, congrats on an excellant pickup. :thumbs:
  6. Beautifull Plakats Joep,especialy the Copper/Gold. All have excellant form. Steve.
  7. BettaBred

    Hi all

    Hi Linda, l think we may have bumped into each other on Aquabid a few times. Welcome. :lol:
  8. Love the photo Serkan. Took this one of Nemo's cousin whilst diving in Vanuatu.
  9. Serkan, What you do not see in the photo is that l have another two tanks setup identicle which gives me 50 individual compartments so it has to be very simple and easy to maintain! One is very heavily planted so l plan to keep the Killies in that one. I like your system of keeping guppies so l will keep an eye out for some show quality stock, might have to have a chat with someone. Cheers and thanks, Steve. :lookaround:
  10. How cute are those fry! I am fascintaed by this thread and look forward to your updates. Cheers, Steve.
  11. Thanks KillieOrCory, actualyl intend to put in some Killies, l had some on order but the male died and when l finally get over to see Deans setup then hopefully l can get started with them. Had not thought of guppies but l do like some of the strains coming on the market so just might try a couple. Bren, great meeting you today and l hope the girls settle in well,give me a couple of days and l will let you know about the marble boy. Cheers, Steve. :photo:
  12. Another Victorian and a CT luva at that, it just keeps getting betta and betta. Cheers Rob. :lol:
  13. Bren, what is that website address, when l type in www.aquaria.com the page will not come up. Steve.
  14. Tequila,did someone say Tequila :P
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