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  1. thanks for the welcome! i wonder why my profile pic is broken... maybe cuz i joined in Facebook. yeah once i get *time* to start thinking about getting a tank going i will definitely share!!!
  2. all over asia singapore, indonesia, vietnam, hong kong, taiwan, china, japan and south korea
  3. Hi all! I've recently returned home from working all over the place and was a bit of a stalker of the forum while i was away... heheh i love keeping a tank and especially love Betta. They're a wonderful fish and the different varieties just wow me. i made sure that whenever i was in a country where we were in a city i would check out aquariums. Hong kong was probably one of the best places where i researched and found the goldfish street and i couldn't believe how many fish there were, the amazing size of these goldfish and how CHEAP!!! i used to have a nano tropical tank and would love to get another one set up with a Betta and some compatible buddies with a bit of Zen/Japanese aquariumscaping Speaking of Japan... the KOI!!! Never seen them get so big! ha!!! Look forward to contributing to the forum. - Ian
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