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  1. Ian P Gonzaga

    hello hello! new member, love Betta

    thanks for the welcome! i wonder why my profile pic is broken... maybe cuz i joined in Facebook. yeah once i get *time* to start thinking about getting a tank going i will definitely share!!!
  2. Ian P Gonzaga

    hello hello! new member, love Betta

    all over asia singapore, indonesia, vietnam, hong kong, taiwan, china, japan and south korea
  3. Ian P Gonzaga

    hello hello! new member, love Betta

    Hi all! I've recently returned home from working all over the place and was a bit of a stalker of the forum while i was away... heheh i love keeping a tank and especially love Betta. They're a wonderful fish and the different varieties just wow me. i made sure that whenever i was in a country where we were in a city i would check out aquariums. Hong kong was probably one of the best places where i researched and found the goldfish street and i couldn't believe how many fish there were, the amazing size of these goldfish and how CHEAP!!! i used to have a nano tropical tank and would love to get another one set up with a Betta and some compatible buddies with a bit of Zen/Japanese aquariumscaping Speaking of Japan... the KOI!!! Never seen them get so big! ha!!! Look forward to contributing to the forum. - Ian