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    keen to get into killifish, tetras and pacific blue eyes and eventually shrimp. probably favourite 3 fish and vertebrae right there...
  1. well i have a 3 foot aqua one aqaurium housing at the moment: 1x peppermint pleco 1x albino bristlnose 1x khuli loach 1x sailfin pleco i have a planted tank with eco complete substrate growing crypts, 3 different types of amazon swords and crested/ regular Java fern on large driftwood pieces. i am running a pressurized Co2 unit with ceramic difuser and also dosing ferts. plants are going really well and im looking to spruce up the colour with some bright killifish, tetras and pasific blue eyes with a hint of shrimp here and there haha all in all im looking to find suppliers of
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