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  1. all the endler hybrids of size went to the local pet shop this morning as i'm going to concentrate on the moscows , in 2 weeks when i'm home again i'll have another cull as i've literally got 1000 babies swimming around and need to keep numbers low for specific matings otherwise i'll just end up with bitzers mating as they please with no control
  2. in the background a juvenile blue moscow still to color up properly , closest to the camera is my wifes fav half gold first cross endler (endler hybrid?)
  3. Thanks I'm currently working away and will get some new photo's up of the fry when I get home , my daughters impressed with the endler crosses I've asked my wife for photos but still waiting going to have to wait till Wednesday when I get home and see for my self
  4. the endler from the top photo has disappeared i had him with the fry separated from the others and he's gone , lid on but with gaps maybe he's tried to jump and come out and the dog has had a white bait snack? not swimming not floating not down the bottom of the tank just M.I.A ??????????
  5. roger

    endlers in aus

    i think it's the female that lacks any color they look a lot like Gambusia/Mosquito fish .
  6. male can only pass on the moscow gene and then add more red color cells for purple and add yellow color cells for green but doesn't say whether it's something you have to tweek for a few generations or if it's gen1 ??? trial and error i let you know in a few months
  7. roger


    hmmm not sure if it would work but just a thought. home brewers use a heat blanket for the yeast cultivation, would a heat blanket under or around the tank work or help ?????
  8. roger


    water flow ? the heater will switch off once the temp around it reaches 25 were as the rest of the tank may be only 21-22 ? heater size i think roughly for each watt will heat 1 litre of water so if your using a 55w heater in a 120 litre tank then it would pay to get another one?
  9. original plan was to put the female straight in with my blue moscow males to try and get a few purple moscows but changed my mind and will get a drop from the pure strain first then put her in with the blue moscows . i'll keep you updated on how it goes not sure if i'll get any purples 1st generation it may take a few generations ? the yellow female above i'm hoping to get some green variance to the blue as she has alot of body color for a female , here's hoping
  10. roger

    endlers in aus

    i ended up with an endler through symphony , only since my new tank has been up and running have i been able to isolate him , the coloring i can already see in he's offspring at 3-4 weeks i'm second guessing isolating him , think i may be letting him loose again from what i'm seeing in he's offspring but it's only early days and the colors aren't all that clear being only 3-4 weeks old sorry not sure on class but is a black bar and has blue in the dorsal which i'm led to believe is closer to the wild type?
  11. she's up and running still need to make a few more dividers but lost patience with them so will get back to it at a latter date , cost blown right out now with 2x heaters ,T8 twin lighting , and a eheim filter proberly would of been cheaper buying a second hand tank and set up
  12. new female i've had for about a week now my new albino full red pair
  13. they are tasty , same as the normal colored ones
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