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  1. Trilobite

    Pairs for F2

    How can she not love that male!? Hopefully she changes her mind
  2. Someone I found hiding in one of the jars Starting to love these blue/white marbles, really hope he balances out though
  3. Thanks :-D Ive been researching fincurl and one theory is that my water isnt aged enough and my water changes are too big and too often, which might be the case because Im hardly ageing my water at all and doing 90-100% every few days, so from now on I might age for at least 2 days before using it and do smaller waterchanges to see how it goes. It also could explain why the big royal blue boy who was the first to be jarred was left for a couple of weeks with out water changes while I was away and grew straight fins, then when I came back and jarred more and resumed my normal wc routine the newly jarred boys started curling their dorsals.... Anyway, time for a few solids
  4. Trilobite

    Pairs for F2

    Yay! I'll definitely be following this line with interest and jealousy
  5. They are so clean and shiny I love their sparkly pecs, especially that male with the big ears. What percentage of fry got the ears?
  6. Thanks :-) the last guy was my favourite from the spawn but he managed to fit through a tiny gap in the lid and land on the floor the other day :-( Almost all boys have been jarred from this spawn now
  7. Thanks, yeah top boy is my fave from the spawn so far, definitely a keeper. I found a nice female to match him, she does reach 180 and shes not as heavily branched as a lot of the other females are Gotta start grooming and choosing for the show next month. Definitely not sending my best ones coz Im paranoid about shipping them down from my little rural town
  8. Some of the pk boys that popped up in f2. Most females from this spawn arent looking very pretty so far... hopefully they blossom into something half presentable lol
  9. Ahh and the last copper girl too shed go nicely with black cop too. Too many nice fish you have, maybe just do each male to each female haha!
  10. Both would be good pairs but Id probs do black copper to help her slight spoon (,ight just be the angle though). I like the first female for butterfly but tbh they look like they all could compliment each other quite nicely
  11. Congrats on the show!! Hes gorgeous!! These guys have matured into beautiful fish. I really really love the little black white marble girl, shes too cute
  12. Somehow I found some yellows in there :-D
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