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  1. I cant seem to upload an avatar. Ive got a photobucket account and when I paste the link in it says " The file selected is too large. Max 0kB" for every photo
  2. Thanks for the welcome :-) Oooh I've seen Fish Chicks videos on youtube and I fall in love every time, Im definitely going to get a lot of fish from her in the future! The betta scene in nz is quite small but its slowly growing. The main problem is that we cant import what we want, so its just down to luck what the importers get in...which is usually vt and other countries culls. We dont have any shows down here but theres a small, but growing group of us now who are trying to breed towards show standards. So hopefully, one day nz will finally have betta shows.
  3. Hi everyone, I bred pk and hmpk in NZ but now I'm about to move to Australia in just over a week and cant wait to get my hands on some bettas again! Wouldnt mind getting into wild bettas as well, we arent allowed them in NZ for some reason... What are the best places around Brisbane to get good bettas? Cheers Lol just noticed the little betta stickers! I love them!
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