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  1. Anyone on here from adelaide who has guppies and is very succesful with tem breeding all different strains?
  2. Hi does anyone really no what causes guppies to get the bend in their back? Is it poor breeding? Disease? Or is it because ph is to low? I have heard ph can cause it.
  3. Just adding im from adelaide username a giveaway. forgot to put that in my first post. Love to hear from other people in adelaide about there experiances with lfs,breeding and anything fishy in general cheers
  4. Hi im new to the forum i have a four footer with peacocks 2 frontosa 8 princess cichlids 1 nice electric yellow. I also have a 3ft which i had breeding angels but got rid of them this week and now have guppies a few mollies and a few sword tails. Last but but not least my 30litre withcherry shrimp and neons. I havent finished the 3ft yet but not far off just some plants and a few more fish. I look forward to posting on this forum and reading other interesting info :-)
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