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  1. How can I post up pictures of the fish.
  2. dragonboy69

    Is this ok.

    I got a question. I got a male Orange Dragon HMPK. I was thinking of breeding him to Gold Rosetail Dragon HM. Is this combination ok. I realise the 2 tail types are not the same. But colour wise is it ok. What colours can I get from them. Also another part to the above question. If say I breed him to another Gold HM female. But she was not a Dragon. What percentage of the spawn would come out Dragon. Could the ones that are not Dragon looking possibly carry the dragon gene.
  3. What's the snails for and can you use normal tea bags.
  4. Is this 3 times a day with water change after 12hrs or 24hrs. So do I keep this treatment up for 14 days.
  5. Sorry for asking this question. I have for the first time had a fish with white spots. I noticed my Red male HMPK with. White spots. He was housed in a tank with temp of 28 degrees. So today I done a complete change off the tank water. I raised the temp to 31. I have some salt should I add that and if so at what rate. Any other suggestions please as I thought that white spots can't survive in water at 28+ degrees.
  6. Not my recipe but feel free to share if you want. If you guys want to save some money on melafix and pimafix you can make it at home yourself. Melafix 1ml pure tea tree oil 125ml distilled water or tank water. mix like crazy and dose @ 5ml per 40L Pimafix 1ml west indian bay oil (pimenta racemosa)125ml distilled water or tank watermix like crazy and dose @ 5ml per 40L Also add ploys ornate 80. But just use the same measurement of polysorbate 80 as the total amount of oils.
  7. Could you reuse the same water until it gets better or use new water with new salt.
  8. Could they affect then fry by bringing any nasties to the water.
  9. I see these tiny white things on top of my water that are jumping around what could they be? I don't think they would be the babies. Would they. Because I have seen some babies that swimming around in the water.
  10. I already removed her. I seen the eggs falling I seen some fall to the floor and they missed some. Also I seen her grab some and go upto the nest. Would she have placed eggs upto the nest. Also the ones they missed that fell to the floor will they still hatch. thanks the temperature is being kept @ 28 degrees. How long before she can breed again. Not that I am looking at breeding her atm. How long should I wait to breed her again.
  11. They are currently breeding now and laying eggs as I type. How long till. They hatch and till I can remove dad
  12. So Brenton re "Crossing a PK with a long fin will produce mid-fins in the F1 - that meaning the finnage on the males will not be as long as standard long fins and they wont be as short as plakats." So then what should I do breed siblings from these together or breed them back to mum or dad. Or what would you suggest. I'm looking to hopefully breed both HM & HMPK Does anyone have gold in any tail form for sale preferably female
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