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  1. Theyre looking really good. <3
  2. What sort of male to female ratio did you get in the end?
  3. Horay! Lovely keepers. Where did that butterfly come from? I didnt see that one coming.
  4. What traits are you hoping to get for your keepers?
  5. Love the little green and blue guy. Do you know how long they keep their stripes?
  6. Pic 1# Yay, family shot. Pic 2#. Agreed. He/she looks like they might turn out to be a comb tail. Especially when you look at the dorsal fin. Horay for the awesome pics Pic 3# this little guy looks like maybe they got the marbling trait from Dad? Pic 4# bottom left fishie is getting nice colour in his tail. Your babies are growing up:)
  7. My condolences on the deformitys. Are the rest of the little guys ok or is it something you can only really tell when they get big enough? Do the little ones look like smaller versions of the bigger ones or younger versions? Sorry about all the questions, i hope you dont mind. Hopefully you will have plenty of choice for your keepers ;)
  8. Theyre getting so big and so bright Kinda worried about the little guys, at that size difference they might start to look like food.
  9. Thankyou. So you would be expecting comb tails because Dad doesnt have CT genes?
  10. What is the difference between a crown tail and a comb tail?
  11. Weird, I know its something fighters do but its a different actually seeing it. Fishie agoraphobia? He seems to have a nice tank with lots of plant stuff from what i can tell in the picture/video. Mebbe ne needs a tunnle to hide in? Are you doing anything to treat his fins?
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