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  1. I have added some more photos. this time bbs on the menu. Same link as above.
  2. Glad you like the pics. About 20 fry in the tank, all doing well and very hungry.
  3. I have discovered the ease and simplicity of using my daughters iphone for photography. Taken today of a lone grindal getting the chop. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129468069@N02/
  4. I have been keeping Grindal worms for about 6 months. I use the nylon scourer method and have 4 small containers on the go. I am using 2 nylon scourers in each container with dog pellets as food. I keep the scourers moist but there is no water visible in the container. Once or twice a week I pour 1 cup of water into each container and then drain and replace it with fresh water. A month or so ago while doing the change I poured the old water into a tall glass container. As always the waste water from the containers is cloudy and looks unpleasant.. Unintentionally, I didn’t immediately dump this waste and it stood overnight. The next afternoon there was 10mm of brown sludge on the bottom of the jar and the top was slightly murky. When I held the glass container in front of a strong light I could see movement in the water. Using a strong magnifying glass I was surprised to see this water was teeming with what we generically call infusoria.. I lack the facilities to identify individuals, but what I guess to be Paramecia seemed to be the predominant occupant of the very crowded water. I also think there may be some rotifers or other different infusorians as well. Since that time I have found the infusoria every time I rinse the Grindals. Obviously after washing they go into the fry tank. I am wondering if anyone else has come across this, or have I just had a Eureka moment?
  5. Thanks for the info. Obviously I am still finding my feet. Thanks for that. This is several days later. About 18 fry visible.Mainly on the l/h side
  6. Thanks for the welcome. My camera is a very cheap Sony SteadyShot. (Although that's not what I call it when I try to take fish pics) Very poor results. I agree they are lovely fish, as are all Bettas. The parent burdigalas are very shy and I rarely see them. Bubblenests, disappearing grindals and black worms are the only sign of their existence. The young are doing fine in a one third full 24x12x15. There are 20-30 of them between 10-15mm. Made up of 2 spawns. Some shyness but not like the parents. The smaragdinas are less than a week old and doing well. Thanks again. Here is a photo of the current burdigala nest. http://www.filefactory.com/preview/40ed9yxs2w2f/ (First few nests were underwater.)
  7. Hello everybody, Rowland from Brisbane here, introducing myself. I currently have a pair of B. burdigala & a trio of B. smagadina and am raising a spawn from each. Nice to be here.
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