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  1. Haha i didn't even notice that, yes sorry, I'm looking to breed for hm butterfly genes, but i am.still quite a ways off feeling confident in breeding :)
  2. Thanks for the replies and info guys It will be my first spawn yeah, and I'm currently researching, but still have a lot to go before I feel confident enough to get underway. I was already hoping to breed for butterfly, leaning more toward a bi colour preference than a halfmoon preference so that's good news for sure. I'll be on the lookout for strongly banded butterfly females, once I feel confident enough to spawn
  3. Hi all, I recently picked up a new addition from my LFS, but I am at a loss as to what standard he would fall under, if any. All I can say for certain is that he is a halfmoon, and he has blue iridescence all over, more noticeable on the sides due to the possible partial dragonscaling. He refuses to sit still for any photos, even when flaring, and until I can get a decent high speed camera, these seem to be the best I can do. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, and any suggestions for breeding partners. (sorry about large picture size)
  4. Jaro

    Hi everyone

    Hey all, I've recently gotten back into Bettas (Owned them as a child) and figured since forums like this actually exist now, I would definitely benefit from the broad range of experience on offer here. Currently only have the one betta, a little crowntail by the name of Jaro, who is currently getting over being a little ill. (He's still a little pale, the poor guy)
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