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  1. Floss

    Filter Help

    Thanks MissM! So the tetra's are the little blue/red fish? and the corydora's are like a catfish - that's awesome. Will definately look into that! Thanks.
  2. Floss

    Filter Help

    Oh wow, so much to learn....Thank you SO much, keep the info coming. I thought they had to be housed seperately, so what could I put in with him???? I will definately change to live plants and sand if that is better for my Betta lol. Thanks heaps.
  3. Floss

    Filter Help

    Thanks for the replies. I only have the one tank, and not planning on getting more at this stage. I'm not sure what you mean by a sponge pump, is there any chance you could send me a pic of one? I have a spare pump here, so that may do the trick if I know what I'm looking at I think the particles are from the substrate, so will do as you suggested and wash them again. I don't have any live plants in there, just a few silk ones and some decorations. I didn't think of the photo until after I posted my question. This is all new to me, so thank you for answering. Thanks for the reply Rod. Is a 30 litre tank ok? I thought the more room the better? I have gravel but can change it to sand if that would be better. I use Sydney Whhite Washed sand for my reptiles, so would that be suitable? Not sure about the plants, I will need to go to my pet shop and check them out. As above, I have silk ones at the moment. I don't feed flake food, I use blood worms, and I only feed him every other day, is that right? I was told not to over feed him, so I hope I'm doing this right? Thank you.
  4. Hi I have one Betta in a 30l tank. It came with a hang on filter but I'm not sure it is doing the job effectively. Is there a filter suited to such a small tank that is recommended for my guy? I have noticed zillions of "white" particles floating around everytime I do a partial water change - which can't be good for him? Should I do a complete change? The filter has a wool & what appears to be charcoal centre, but no control rate or anything like that. Thanks and looking forward to your comments.
  5. Floss

    Hello :)

    Thanks very much Looking forward to learning lots and admiring your collections
  6. Floss

    Hello :)

    Thanks AGAIN for your help but I still cannot open the link?? I have tried several times, but it says Error 404 or something similar.
  7. Floss

    Hello :)

    Thanks Brenton. I was told there was a good care sheet for newbies on here? I cannot seem to locate it, so any help would be appreciated Thanks again
  8. Floss

    Hello :)

    Hi, thanks for having me. I joined to get a better understanding of keeping Betta's. I have lots of animals - birds, reptiles, dog, cat & goldfish.....love them all to bits Thank you, looking forward to learning lots :)
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