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  1. Yay! A fellow Tasmanian!! Welcome to the forum Mel! :D
  2. Hahaha thanks Brenton! I'm sure they will! ;)
  3. Hi! I'm new (just registered!) and I assumed that I'm meant to introduce myself. So, here goes... I live in Tasmania, there aren't a lot of fish-lovers where I am so it's hard to talk to people about what's going on in my tanks. Even harder to get hold of a decent fish! I hope by joining this forum I can meet other Tasmanians that share my love of fish I have two tanks (three if you include my "betta breeding tank" which is yet to make good use). One is approx. 90L, in which I keep guppies, neon tetra, catfish and female betta. The other is approx. 9L which houses my male crowntail, Spenc
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