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  1. Thank you all for getting back to me. I will try to take a pix of him. It's good to know that he is ok. I have two male bettas fish I want to buy anothe one in red all red but my husband doesn't want another betta. I love them. Thank you so much Diana :P
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    :( Hi Can someone help me. I have a betta fish. His color is like a samon and now he changing. He is getting light blue. Is that ok do they change color? Thank you Diana
  3. Hi everyone Thanks for all the replys. It was very helpful. I bought a thermomater. For my bettas vase. Its staying at 70 I think thats ok . I also bought a betta for my grandson for his birthday. He is beautiful. He is aqua. Well take care peanutmoravcik Hope everyone is fine.
  4. Hi guys Thank you for writing back to me.Glad to be part of the forum. So far my betta is doing fine. :D
  5. :notsure: Hi everyone I would like to be a part of this forum. Thank you so much Diana
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