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  1. Hello just wanting to know what you think of my fish He is a male PK marble Dragon. Under 1 year old. I do not show fish, but would like to start a PK line one day, so just wanting to know his good points and bad points if he was to be used for breeding Thanks for your comments
  2. Hello All. Before I write anything else, unfortunately, this spawn only resulted in one of the fry surviving. Due to a heat wave, I lost all fry but 3, now only one remains. I also cannot breed this pair again, as during the breeding process, the female jumped her barracks and ended up spawning in the tank without me knowing (I was at work), the male possibly chased her until exhaustion, as there was no fin damage. BUT I thought I would share some photos of my fry process. ORANGE HALFMOON SIBLING PAIR Mother Father SPAWNED: 02/12/13 HATCHED: 05/12/13 Jan 5th - Very slight colour but not much happening. Will post more once i work out why i cannot
  3. i just realised the title of this post is wrong. opaque ee combtail female (i was hoping she was a hm like she was sold to me as ) dragon mg hm male The colours of the fry vary. but mostly are a blue bodied with red fins and looks like banding? or could just be the red wash? still to small to see. Some are almost a smokey grey/dark blue colour with some red aswell. (but they may be from my salamander spawn, which are close to the same age. accidental mix up) I am going crazy watching these guys and gals grow. The more I think about it, the more its like watching grass grow!
  4. Yes this is my first time with marbles, so it will be interesting to see the marble gene at work!!
  5. i have a marble cellophane male and female. bother with partial dragon scaling. going to try these two, see what happens. and use the dalmatian boy with the other dragon marble female. See what happens.
  6. I have just brought myself a cellophane dalmatian (marble) which I am wanting to breed. I was planning on breeding him with a Cellophane female, but I also have loner fry (sex unknown) which is from two non red parents and is looking to be very much Cambodian. After reading this, I am wanting to give it a try... only thing is, my fry is only a little over two months, and still very small... when and would you consider spawning them together?
  7. Nice fish!! They have a nice top line I have just brought myself a marble cellophane male, cellophane female and a cellophane dalmatian. Seeing your fish gives me a good idea of what is in store.
  8. awesome effort! cant wait to see the finished product!
  9. Yes! I will be keeping a record of these little guys, they are still only specks in the tank, see them quickly zipping by or hiding in the plants. My camera doesn't seem to pick them up very well, so once they get a bit more size, i can start taking pictures. Excited!!
  10. Thank you for that. So I will need to edit her description from lavender to whatever else she (my other female) is.
  11. I think you may be onto something Brenton. I am thinking I may just use your idea as a project after reading that. its really got me thinking and it would be cool to see what the outcome was. I was really not wanting to breed combtail, but i guess i can handle the chance of some. and the red wash being more of an even spread would make me allot happier then the typical spread like you explained, Bettarazzie
  12. Yes i would prefer to NOT have Multi... But I would be very interested to see what colours I would get from a sibling pair and a female fry x father. Maddie you did an excellent job!! (( hug )) I am wanting to confirm something that was written... opaque and dragon scaling are the same thing? Also I have a female sold to me as a lavender, she is very pale in colour, like a washed out white/purple. But other bettas I have seen that are lavender are much darker, almost salamander colour. Could someone please untangle my brain!!!!
  13. Hi there I have tried to work it out but the most I have got is, and its a guess, fry will show dragon scaling....? Here is the Bettas in question. Currently have fry from them, going well. Long time before they show any colour, so hoping to learn what they may possibly be!! colour wise, what could be the possible outcomes?
  14. wow. There was allot of reading! And I enjoyed every part... and the best part was, I think I actually understood it!! Things are starting to sink it!! I appreciate all this help, I really do. I do have another cross I would like to know the outcome of. I will post a new one in case someone finds it interesting to read:) I know I will <--- so cute
  15. hahaha how did you get those little fish to show up?!?! so cute!
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