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  1. Hi all I have my LFS boys in a dispaly tank in the lounge. Wife went out and got some Cichlid Convicts last night for the final free partition. Seems I'm becoming a fish keeper not just the Betta keeper/breeder I wanted to be...(this tank has solid black partitions so they dont see each other, unless they meet up at the vents at top or bottom, but they don't seem overly fussed with each other at present). Anyway, the plan is to get a breeding pair of CT's from Jim (to start with). I have a smaller tank working through fishless cycling at the moment to be ready for them. I'm going to the hardware shop to grab some clear tubing to house the lady (if it comes in a big enough dimenesion), or look into getting some temproary partitions for the tank (where does one get them from?). When/if this all works out and a new batch of fry grace me with their presence, then the lady will move into a third tank (about to start fishless cycling in that one), and the male will remain to look after the fry. When advised, he will then be transferred to the other side of the temp partition, or should he go into a completely seperate tank (which needs to be purchased). As the Fry grow, I will either move the male into another tank (if not already done so above), and remove the partition. The tank will then become their grow out tank. When big enough, I then need to look at seperating them into individual quarters (is this called jarring?), and move the females into a sorority tank (yet another tank I need to purchase, or can they go in with mum?). Questions: From the above description (if correct), it looks like I'll need up to four tanks. Is this where I need to start looking at a canister filtration system? Can they be setup to do all the tanks and possibly a barracks system as well? What about heating? A heater for each tank or does the cannister setup look after this for me? Jarring - do I look at lots of small containers or can this be a barracks system? With Adelaide winters being particularly cold, no heaters really arent an option. If I go to a barracks (which is my first option, can they be setup to cycle water for filtration and heating? Does this mean another cannister setup or will one system be able to handle all of this? Has anyone had any dealings with Aquarium suppliers in this part of the world to recommend an establishement? I've visited a few and haven't been overly impressed with staff or products. I'm visiting another one this weekend (fingers crossed). Or can anyone suggest a place I can order from that won't kill me with shipping costs? In addition to all this, I know I need to come up with a couple of live feed cultures. I'm thinking Grindal worms and Daphnia. Currently the boys are getting a once a week feed of frozen blood worms (which they love). The Grindal worms are cool because I'll be going soiless if I can source a starter culture, but the Daphnia will require their own tank won't they? Any suggestions on what that setup will be and where I can get a starter culture from? I think that will be about it - at least it's more than enough for this post As always, any and all help and suggestion are appreciated. BT
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    You guys asked for it, so I shall try to keep it to one question per post (in the correct forum...hopefully). Snails: I'm after them to clean up the bottom so there's no left over pellets or other food (and to clean up poop - if they do that...). I'm getting better at judging the amount of food my boys need but I'd rather be on the safe side and have a snail in each tank section to clean up for me. It's water change day so I'll be vacuuming tonight which will pickup any left overs but I'd like to be sure - am I being too anal here? Plants and fish have been in for a couple of weeks now and I've not seen any unexpected life forms appear. LFS only sell mystery snails (not that they had any in stock last night). Ramshorn look okay, especially the red ones, but the Malaysian Trumpet snails have cool looking shells but I've heard they can overrun a tank extremely quickly. Or do I just stick with the vacuum once a week? If snails are the go, does anyone know where I can get some sent to me as the LFS doesnt have a huge selection.
  3. If you all hadn't guessed yet, I'm quite new to all of this and doing copious amounts of reading, leading to many questions leaking out of small brain... I'm trying my best not to be a forum hog and limiting myself to asking only one new question a day at most. Today's question: What snails should I be looking at getting? What's your favourites? How many should I get? Not really three questions (just cross you eyes and it will look like only one...promise). Just want to know about snails for the boys? Any and all advice appreciated. BT
  4. Yep, I can see why you had to have them - beautiful
  5. Thanks Wild Nut - I haven't met someone-Lee yet...
  6. Hi Amber You've come to the right place. Lots of very knowledgeable people here who will be able to put you on the right track. I'm pretty much on the same track as you but I'm in Adelaide. Good luck with your Bettas.
  7. Hi all <Lookin g to refresh this topic as I want to sort out my own live food and Grindal seems like a good place to start (Daphnia are on the cards too). Would appreciate any advice from anyone still doing thier own cultures and any information on where I can get starter cultures from - LFS dont seem to carry it. Cheers BT
  8. Hi Bettarazzi, thanks for the interest. Is there a particular method for diffusing the outlet that has been tried and tested that could be suggested/explained to me? I was considering putting some other species in there and then allowing the nozzle to break the surface for better airation, while still not disturbing my Betta down the other end of the shared tank (the flow would still be set low). Suggestions/thoughts welcome...
  9. Unfortunately, Red is no longer with us, expiring today while I was at work. He looked a little perkier last night so I was a little devastated when I got the news from my wife. The other two boys are looking extremely happy with their new surroundings but I'm keeping a very close eye on them. We will stay with two for a bit and make sure everything is good before moving forward. I've done a lot of reading about diseases and medications over the last few days so my improved knowledge on hopefully caring for future Betta's will be Red's legacy...that and the first aid kit I'm putting together for any future issues. Thanks Yan, and everyone else who took the time to view the post. BT
  10. Thanks Yan. I took a better look at velvet and pulled my sick fella from the tank for a better look. I think you're right. Treatment has begun. Cheers BT
  11. Hi all I've moved the boys from the yucky small, non-heated and n0n-filtered tanks, into a large three partition unit with live penny wort, the water pump set to as low as it goes and directed the spout down to keep the surface calm. Temp is at 27.1C Blue VT in middle compartment is loving life, as is the blue CT on the end, but the red VT in the first compartment where the outlet nozzle resides, is not looking good. Now we have a light over the tank, the true colours are showing up and Red VT is more like a bronze to maroon colour, lighter on the belly -> to dark on the back. He has always seemed somewhat on the lazy side, spending most of the time resting on leaves but I did a water change in the old tanks a day ago while the big tank was aging, and he and the CT were flaring at each other for sometime after, so he seemed fine then. Now he's just not interested in his new surroundings, his food, or anything else. Moving the penny wort gets a very sluggish reaction and only until he finds a new place to settle on. Research has led me to think it could be anything from depression, constipation, or a deadly disease. Do I QT him straight off as the three partitions share the water? Do I do an AQ salt treatment, epsom salt treatment, try the pea, or should I just leave him for a while and see how he gets on? Could it be the water outlet? I've not tested the water yet (bad owner I know), but unexpected issues have us suddenly on a tight leash until payday, but the water has been treated with Aqua One Betta Conditioner, and they all get fed once a day with the Aqua One micro granules. They were getting fed more often but there was a lot of food left on the bottom of the tanks so I reduced it over the last few days. The store where we got the tank and plants from also talked us into a product call Matrix which is supposed to absorb all the nasties to help cut down on water changes. So, in summary: Fish in new warm home for less than a day. Two doing well; one giving me concerns. What should I do? All help and suggestions appreciated. BT
  12. Hi Bettarazzi, good to be here. Wasn't kidding about being bitten. The wife went out to get dinner tonight and is bringing home a new three partitioned tank for the boys! We'll be asking for advice as we go. Speak soon
  13. Hi all My name (and username) is Brenton. My wife (someone) and I hail from Adelaide and have very recently been bitten by the Betta bug. My eldest daughter had two, but had to move house so we were charged with fish sitting. The eldest finished her move a couple of weeks ago...the fish are still with us, moved into new, bigger homes, and have been joined by a third. We keep finding ourselves in retail establishments who sell these amazing creatures, looking for additions to our family, but stock in Adeliade seems to be very low and not overly varied. So I'm looking into converting our spare room into somewhere we can raise our own, but I know nothing about the journey I'm about to set out on. I'll be wanting to know about books, tanks, breeding, what I should and shouldn't be looking for, etc, etc. There seems to be a bit of conflicting information around the intraweb, so I thought it best to track down those with their finger more on pulse -> you guys and girls. I look forward to having my cup filled by everyone here. BT
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