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About Me

Been hooked on Betta since May 2013...

Trolling through old forum posts has allowed me to catch the occasional glimpse of past members talking about a green line, or the creation of a green line. Then it falls into talks on genetics and fades away...

I'm still searching the forums, I'm still gathering different points of view and opinions on how to make a greener line. I'm also learning more and making my own connections in regards to getting a true green line.

Some will be proved, more will be disproved, one may lead me to the elusive emerald I'm after. There's no gold in them there hills, but we will continue to search till we find a better green which breeds true.

I'm also co-founder of the CTPK Project Australia - a group of like-minded individuals based mainly in Australia, who would like to create their very own CTPK lines.

Come see our thread in the Genetics forum: (one of my CTPK lines will, of course, be green wink.gif)

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