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    My Betta's :) Currently in the process of 'Trying' to breed them, lol.
  1. Haha thanks guys n girls! :)/> and Yup it sure is me Lacy :cheer:/> :lol:/> Thanks Les, i shall make sure i keep an eye out :P
  2. Thanks, I shall def post some pics, Just need to get some decent ones. lol very tricky when they can be camera shy :P
  3. Hiya Everyone, Well im new of course. I have Betta's, kinda in the process of "Trying" to breed, haha slightly new to that section, so any tips please send them my way haha, ive had Betta's before but as normal pets I enjoy watching them.. Im from Perth, Western Australia. And thats pretty much it.. Thanks B-)
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