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  1. Hey guys! I have been breeding Red cherry shrimp for a while....and all of a sudden i have found one shrimp that is half whit half red! it is exactly split in half being red and white. I have never had any other shrimp and they are pure red cherry shrimp so i have no idea what else it could be?? I was wondering if anybody had heard of this before? I am not sure how to add pics so it would be awesome if i had some help there too then i can show u guys!
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    Thanks Afr3178 Yeah i look forward to learning heaps from you guys! :D/>
  3. Hi all my name is Alex, I have loved fish for many years and really enjoy the hobby! My first fish i ever had was a Siamese fighting fish and from their my hobby has grown. I currently own one 30L tank full of endler guppies, red cherry shrimp and one male betta. I also own a 34L tank that houses two female bettas at the moment. I have tried breeding my bettas a few times with not much luck but hope to get their one day!
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