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  1. Would not go with elodea its a noxious weed in NSW. How come no-one has mentioned good old Val I cant seem to kill it no matter how hard I try.
  2. Got to love that rock what is the yellow on it algae/moss??? and is that quartz??? (white bits) I like the look of the glass co2 gear left in for photos also. So the plan is to have the rotala peak behind the rock ??? Nice set up :)
  3. Is it the same in an aquarium as it is in dry land I know that ph levels affect what nutrients are available and if they become deficient or toxic??? I also believe aeration is pretty important factor no aeration=anerobic conditions not much will grow in that .
  4. Thanks everyone for your input it has all been helpful. I have decided (but will probally change my mind) on going for a mixed blend of Eco-complete , regular gravel and river sand for my substrate with a few dino dung pellets strategically placed. I am unsure with the lighting I have found some halide/t5 combos here They have a top function in that you can use just the halide or the t5 or both . I understand that my tanks might be to deep for HC or glosso but i did intend to have one side banked/raised high a the back slowly sloping down to the front of the tank with that side having the grou
  5. After the aquascape competition I have decided to try my hand at one but have a few queries. I intend to jump straight into the deep end here and go all out on a 4x2x2ft or a 3x2x2ft full co2, the works (all except coughing up some big $$$$ for an ADA tank) Can anyone point me in the right direction on substrates what would be the best for my needs and your experiences on using the product I was looking at using the ADA soils Amazonia , Seachem Flourite Black or black sand I am thinking of going down the road of having a carpet of HC or similar and am not wanting to rescape very often m
  6. I have paid with western union on all occasions I have purchased on aquabid. The first time I bid on some fish my paypal account was not set up and WU was the only other option. Then because I didnt get ripped off I continued using WU.(I do have a little bit of common sense but I can be a bit ignorant at times LOL) I guess I was just lucky enough to pick honest breeders. I suppose they therefore should have an honourable mention*** Banleangbettas*** and ***Wifebetta***. Still it is always best to be safer than to be sorry.
  7. Hi, Jeff Wow I am so jealous!!! To have 3 lakes loaded with fish in a stones throw away from your front door. That last picture of that bronze fish with red fins I can be pretty confident that it is a Rohu (a species of carp) but I have been wrong before. Love the pics keep them coming.Do you do any saltwater fishing??? A few pics of a giant mekong catfish or an oarfish would be awesome
  8. My before and after shots are 3-4 months apart but he has not changed much the last 2 months.Its quite interesting to watch them develope wondering when they will stop changing.
  9. This fellow has changed from this to this does anyone else have some before and after pics of marbling
  10. I think it might have to do with mobile cam 3 megapixel cam on mobile have different settings of image quality 3M-use for large sized prints 10x8 inch 2M-7x5 inch 1.3M-6x4 inch 0.5-ideal size for e-mail 0.3M-ideal for multimedia message not sure what setting used for pics i guess the last two would of been the best
  11. Thanks someone I noticed that he had a chew. Both were put in aged water with Seachem Prime , good pinch of aquarium salt , a bit of Aquamaster Whitespot remedy about 1/2 dose rate and a squirt of your ketapang. His fin wasnt red after about 2 days and is now growing back he has even got a good size nest happening would put the yellow girl in but she looks a bit to small ATM .Would post another pic but that would create more work for Lilli LOL (RE: Feedback/tech support thread)
  12. :) Sorry everyone !!! Took photos with camera on my mobile phone uploaded into photobucket used the top line in photobucket to put onto this site. I posted tried to edit them but couldnt work out how to. So sorry once again I was just so happy with them I had to show them off. Will get a proper digi cam soon.Why they came out that big I would not have a clue still quite new to this new computer world, any ideas anyone?They looked good in photo bucket.
  13. Got my fish today pretty happy they are exactly like the photos. The girls are just gorgeous also a few pics http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t292/nj...22022007201.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t292/nj...22022007194.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t292/nj...22022007192.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t292/nj...22022007207.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t292/nj...022007198-1.jpg
  14. The pattern I am not sure about Callatya he had a few with similar marble markings and a few BFs also so I guess it probally isnt permanent. The body length looks a bit decieving because of the copper markings. He is Copper marble MONSTER http://ausaqua.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif that was the title on Aquabid. Think he is having a tail swish in photo also
  15. Pics of 2 males I have purchased from banleangbettas also have a sibling girl for each one but no pics of girls.I havent recieved fishies yet due around 7th Feb.Assuming all make it which ones to spawn first only can cater for 2 spawns and already have one going.
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