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  1. Excellent!! i had my eye on finger painting, did u buy the pair? guess ill be off to buy some freeze dried blood worms... Im so in awe of these beautiful fish,they have such amazing personalities ! :cheer:
  2. My male Hm betta has decided he will not eat pellets... I only purchased him this week from Jodi_lea. He's on fichchick's youtube, Can Can Dancer!! Just love him ...Anyways enough bragging over my new boy! My question is..Is it ok to feed frozen blood worms every day?? Can i feed frozen shrimp etc.? This is all he will eat, other than the occasional cherry shrimp in his tank... Thanks for any help !! julie
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have spoken to the owner at Aquariums r us at Meadowbrook. (near Logan Hospital) He has 3ft divided into barracks,and a 4 ft divided in to barracks. They have the small spaces between each for filtration, he was thinking drill a hole at the bottom and use an external and a spray bar. Hi tanks start from $59, and drilling is $15 per hole, Also if you have a plan of a tank that you want, he will build it for you.. Im going to have a look soon... Busman im liking the design of your tank. :)
  4. Hi Paul... Thanks for taking the time to critique Curly... I was actually impressed cause i bought him at City Farmers..for $10. Usually they just have the ole veil tails, and yes when he's fully flared, and excuse my ignorance, he looks like he is wearing a full face(scary) mask.. glad you didnt write anal fun and scare me :/ haha funnny .. Thanks Julie :)
  5. will the tanks have the weir at the back>? Im interested if it does. What price will they be ? Thanks
  6. id be interested, having real trouble trying to find some... and they have the sump in the back? thanks guys :)
  7. ok will do that now thanks !
  8. This is Curly .my CT.. My first Betta, Hes very nasty and hates other bettas with a passion! He's always puffing his body and face up.. What can you tell me about him.... Please be honest warts and all as im learning at the moment and need to learn what im looking at !! thanks Hes my profile picture as well i dont think my upload worked...
  9. Hmmm dont think my son is going to like that!! He's turning the double garage into a shrine for the new Toyota GTS 86. Which is ordered and waiting to be delivered,lucky though i have a huge family room, which is tiled.:)
  10. Im looking for an aquarium maker?builder on the South Side brisbane, Im wanting to get some barracks made,with the filtration in the back. Does anyone know of anyone that makes these in brisbane? Thanks
  11. Thank you everybody, Still doing my research on the internet, have seen some amazing fish from someone on youtube.! and yes i picked up 2 babies from Acacia ridge thursday. They have both settled in. So thank you everyone for the warm welcome! One thing im finding hard is theres so many beautiful bettas and not enough tanks !! :/
  12. JulieKolega


    Hey everyone Im julie from brisbane, I have fallen in love with Betta's I always thought Fighter fish were just veiltails, Well hello!! I just love HM plakats, dragons, dumbo's Looking forward to learning so much more about these beauties. Also looking forward to purchasing from other members. THanks! julie
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